General Orbic Questions

What products do you offer?

A wide range of products for any need, with affordable pricing for any budget. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, hotspots, routers, and wearable devices, to name a few.

Do you offer mobile plans?

Our products can be used with specific mobile providers, including our partner Verizon. Check your carrier for details.

Do you work with any carriers?

Yes! We offer exclusive devices through Verizon, and more coming soon.

Product Questions

What wearables do you offer?

Currently, Orbic offers a smart watch for tracking your health. Check out the SmartWrist as an addition to your healthy lifestyle

Do you have the latest smartphone technology?

We sure do! Orbic has the latest 5G technology in quality smartphones — without the high price tag.

Can I buy products right through Orbic?

Yes, you can! However, we have select products exclusive to Verizon — you will see the Verizon branding on individual product pages when it is a Verizon exclusive product. Note, those product pages link out to the Verizon store for purchase.

Business Questions

How does Orbic help my business?

We offer business solutions for companies of any size. Visit our Enterprise Solutions page for more information

I’m having trouble with the Enterprise Solutions page. Help!

Reach out to us on the Contact Us page, and someone will be in touch with you!

My business is ever-changing — How can I add more phones to my Orbic Multiline plan?

Visit [  ] or Contact Us for help!

General / Alt Questions

How can I work with Orbic?

Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch about job opportunities, partnerships and other business inquiries

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